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        Aerial Photo Services

        Our Cessna 185 aircraft is equipped with a Hasselblad medium format camera system. The camera is mounted vertically and is linked to a GPS navigation system, video monitor and laptop computer. Photos are captured on special aerial film and are then scanned and manipulated as digital images. We also have a Super Cub aircraft which is ideal for oblique aerial photography.

        • Acquired aerial photography of 121 finfish farm sites on the BC coast and supplied georeferenced digital images for use in Ministry's GIS system.
        • Acquired low-level colour photos of 40km of intertidal zone in Baynes Sound and georeferenced the digital images using GPS measured photo control.
        • Acquired colour aerial photography of 125km of river corridors on northern Vancouver Island for fisheries assessment project.
        • Acquired aerial photography for mapping blowdown areas following severe winter storm, and follow up photography to document harvested areas.
        • Aerial photography of all ferry terminals on the BC Coast including field surveys to tie legal boundaries and preparation of digital photoplans showing boundaries superimposed on photo image of improvements.